Compelling New Theory on the Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto Emerges

The story of cryptoeconomics seethes with intrigue. More than anything else, discovering the identify of the creator of Bitcoin is the most enigmatic.

We certainly have the whitepaper he wrote in clean concise academic terms in 2008. We also have a series of emails he wrote to early adopters. But in 2011 his trail went cold and his $1,000,000 Bitcoins worth nearly 10 billion dollars have never been moved.

Many theories have been worked on over the year but the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, suspected to be a pseudonym, has never been discovered.

Recently due to a court filing by Craig Wright, who claims he is Satoshi and want to copy-write the Bitcoin whitepaper, internet sleuths have discovered a non-redacted footnote in the filing. A mention of Paul Le Roux, who Wright seems to be in fear of retribution from.

Le Roux is a notorious criminal mastermind who is a also a brilliant coder and is known to have developed the encryption software E4M in the 90s. He spent years involved in many illicit and dangerous businesses including drug sales, online prescriptions and money laundering

Turns out he was arrested in March 2012 by the DEA right around the time Satoshi’s internet presence vanished. He has been in custody ever since. This would also explain why the billions of dollars in Bitcoins have never moved.

Also there is a false passport he used to use in which he gave his middle name as “Solotshi” – eerily similar to Satoshi.

Then there is a manifesto he had written in the 90s called Encryption for the Masses. Though shorter and less academic in prose, the use of language seems on par with the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Le Roux clearly had the brilliance coding skills and philosophy to create a decentralized currency and the story fits quite well.

Indeed it it likely his billions in BTC are locked on a hard drive wallet encrypted by his own software.

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